Member manors

Member manors

Cirkliškis Manor

Liepų al. 6, Cirkliškis

Manager – Švenčioniai Vocational Training Centre

Dvaro adresas: Liepų al. 6, Cirkliškis, LT-18121

Cirkliškis manor consists of a whole ensemble: manor house, smithy, icehouse. There are a reading room and a conference hall inside the manor house. All kinds of events, seminars and trainings are held there.

Old records show that for some time Cirkliškis manor belonged to duke Vytautas the Great. After him the manor was ruled by many owners: very first owners were Goštautai. The manor was given to them by Vytautas the Great for many merits. Stanislovas Goštautas was married to the famous Barbara Radziwiłł, but he soon died and left the manor for his wife, who later married king of Poland Sigismund II Augustus. After death of Barbara Radziwiłł the manor was left to other Radziwiłł relatives.


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