Dedicated to the Centenaries of Baltic countries

Summer 2018
Press release

More than 130 historic manor houses and castles in three Baltic countries will open their doors to the visitors in summer 2018. The manor associations of three countries have joined their forces to organize a cross-border event to visualize the density of manor network in these countries; to highlight the significance of the manors as drivers of cultural, economic and regional development in the past as well as today.Visitors are expected from May 24th till Sept 16th.

While celebrating centenaries of the Baltic countries the associations of manors and castles of three countries unite to demonstrate symbolic continuation of the Baltic chain.
The past as well as the present day of Baltic countries is rich for its challenging contradictions both for their legacy as well as intercultural dialogue. One of these intriguing themes is the fate of the manors through the 20th century. The former carriers of political power, architectural and cultural glory; birthplaces of well-known world explorers, artists, writers, scientists, etc. have witnessed new functions, but even more the abandonment and decay during 20th century. The renaissance of the legacy of the manors started very slowly in the 1980s; the first studies and conservation works paved the way to the reuniting with European cultural area in 1991.

Since then the states, municipalities, heritage authorities, but most of all hundreds of private owners have dedicated their time, resources and energy to preserve and revitalize the former glory of the manors. The contemporary challenge is to restore the position as the driver of rural economic and cultural development in the urbanizing societies.

The contemporary manor owners formed national associations in early 2000s to create a platform to exchange knowledge and support each other. For the first time the associations of three Baltic countries have joined forces to create a common visitor game to visualize the density of manor network, to explore the similarities and differences, to witness the effort of the people who work hard to preserve our common heritage.

The range of manors open to the visitors in 2018 is outstanding. Visitors are invited to manors already well-known for their professional restoration, interesting museums, excellent services or high level cultural activities. But there are many more to explore, small or big, in better or worse condition. Each and every of them is a testimony of bygone times and is already or has a potential to influence the cultural and economic development of the area.

The symbol of the travel campaign is a key – a reference to the manor or castle opening doors to the new discoveries in cultural heritage. Visitors will collect the symbolic keys as a memory of experience and inspiration experienced.

The travel campaign is dedicated to the centenaries of the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, European Year of Cultural Heritage as well as to so many individuals and institutions who work with strong mission to safeguard this unique heritage.



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Visitors are expected from May 24th till September 16th.

May 17th at 1.00-3.00 p.m. Press conference in Latvia 100 Information Centre: National Library of Latvia, Mūkusalasiela 3,Riga, please register
May 24th Opening event in Alatskivi manor, Estonia.
May 24-25thOpening event – Open Doors Days in 26 manors, Latvia
October 28th Closing event in Latvia (to be specified).

The aim of the visitor campaign is to open a huge variety of manors throughout the whole summer and therefore the number of open manors varies day by day. It is important to check always out which manors are open on the day of Your travel. Information on the open manors, opening hours and events will be available from May 11th
Visitors are invited to collect stamps or stickers for every visit on a participant card available in every participating manor. Everyone collecting more than 5stickers from home country and 10 from neighbors will participate in the lottery of awards. The awards donated by the participating manors will be drawn at the Closing event.

The participants of the project from the Lithuanian Association of the Castles and Manors:

Abromiškės manor, Akmena manor, Alanta manor, Aristavelė manor, Aštrioji Kirsna manor, Aukštoji Freda manor, Babtynas Žemaitkiemis manor, Biržai castle, Bistrampolis manor, Buivydiškės manor, Čiobiškis manor, Dautarai manor, Gediminas castle, Jakiškės manor, Jašiūnai manor, Kelmė manor, Kurtuvėnai manor, Liubavas manor, Markučiai manor, Paberžė manor, Paliesius manor, Panemunė castle, Plungė manor, Renavas manor, Rokiškis manor, Saldutiškis manor, Trakai castle, Trakų Vokė manor, Vasaknos manor, Zypliai manor, Žeimiai manor, altogether 31.

Participating Manors from Latvia:
Abgunstes muiža, Alūksnes Jaunā pils, Arendoles muiža, Berķenes muiža, Bīriņu pils, Blankenfeldes muiža, Cesvaines pils, Cēsu pils komplekss, Dikļu pils, Dundagas pils, Durbes pils, Elejas muižas Tējas namiņš, Gārsenes muiža, Igates pils, Jaunauces muiža, Jaunmoku pils, Jaunpils pils, Kārļa muiža, Kokmuižas pils komplekss, Krāslavas muiža, Krimuldas muiža, Krustpils pils, Lielplatones muiža, Lielvircavas muiža, Limbažu pilsmuiža, Litenes muiža, Lizuma muiža, Lūznavas muiža, Mālpils pilsmuiža, Mežotnes pils, Padures muiža, Preiļu muižas komplekss un parks, Rankas muiža, Skrundas muiža, Smuku muiža, Šlokenbekas muiža, Tukuma pilsētas vēstures muzejs “Pils tornis”, Turaidas pils un pilsmuiža, Ungurmuiža, Vadakstes muiža, Varakļānu pils, Vecauces pils, Veselavas muiža, Virkas muiža, Zaļā (Zaļenieku) muiža, altogether 45.

Participating Manors from Estonia:
Alatskivi, Anija, Arkna, Aruküla, Aruküla (Koeru), Atla, Cantervilla, Haeska, Illuka, Jäneda, Kassari, Kernu, Kiltsi, Koigi, Kolu, Kostivere, Kukruse, Kumna, Kuremaa, Kärstna, Lasila, Lihula, Loona, Luke, Maidla, Muhu pastoraat, Muuga, Olustvere, Palmse, Palupera, Pidula, Pilguse, Puurmani, Raikküla, Ravila, Rogosi, Roosna-Alliku, Räpina, Saka, Sangaste, Suislepa, Suure-Lähtru, Suuremõisa, Taagepera, Triigi, Uderna, Vana Vigala, Vana Võidu, Vasalemma, Vasta, Vihula, Voltveti Allikukivi veinimõis, Võidula, Vääna, altogether 55.


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