Member manors

Member manors

Burbiškis Manor

 Manager –  UAB „Livintus“

Dvaro adresas: Burbiškio k., Anykščių r., LT-29211

Burbiškis Manor is located in Anykščiai regional park, not far away from Rubikiai lake, 8 km from Anykščiai. On the scenic left shore of river Anykšta, stylish Manor catches viewers eye - XIX century architectual monument, gem of the epoch of neoclassicalism, enchanting with delicacy and elegance. The beautifully fitted park, in which more than 30 species of trees and shrubs has survived, is incorporated into the landscape as an oasis of peacefulness.


Contact: Parko g. 1B, Burbiškio km, Anykščių rajonas
Phone: +370 69959909, E-mail:

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