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Raguvėlė Manor

Manager – private

Dvaro adresas: Raguvėlės k., Anykščių raj., LT-

In XVII century Raguvėlės manor belonged to Sokolovskiai, during 1698-1701 manor was inherited by the warder of pavietas Mikalojus Komaras-Zabožinskis and from XVIII century the manor belonged to his family who is well known in Ukraine from XV century.

The manor experienced it's greatest development during the ending of XVIII century ant the beginning of XIX. By the initiative of Antanas Komaras son - Juozapas Komaras (Lithuanian colonel in the armny of Napoleon Bonaparte) in the XVIII-XIX the main buildings of the manor were built: manor house, office, warehouse for carriages, barns, tavern. In 1822 the tsar of Russia, Aleksander I was staying in Raguvėlė manor with big, abundant escort.

It is guesed that other buildings were built in XIX century. By that time there were 3 farmsteads in Raguvėlė, 30 residents, water mill and a masonry tavern.

In 1923 in Raguvėlė manor there were 3 farmsteads and 205 residents. In the beginning of XX century the last owner of the manor was the son of Mykolas Komaras. A village settled down beside the manor. Until the II World War Raguvėlė belonged to Raguvos district, the village had a post office agency, dairy processing company, forestry.

In 1784 in written records Raguvėlė chapel is mentioned. Monks bernardines from Troškūnai came here to pray and do service.

Raguvėlės church has one of the oldest organs in Anykščiai region, they were created in 1795 by an uknown author and are still not renovated today, resulting in extremely poor condition. They are considered to be a bright work of classical style: three symmetric spatial planes seperated by Doric columns on which the antablement is based, decorated with ornamental vignette. The organs have one manual and 8 voices, they are decorated by the coat of arms of Komarai family.


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