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  The Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association is a community-based organization, strong to the extent that we, its members contribute with our work and advices.

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Manors Culture and Cultural Voluteering

2018 11 10
“LEVER – Voluntary culture as leverage of cultural activities in sparsely populated areas with added value for democratic and community bonding”

Date: November 18, 2018
Place: Zypliai manor, Šakiai district, Lithuania.
In the programme:
Lithuanian castles and manors association's presentation of project activities, LEVER pilot work report, case study analysis.
Volunteering in manors: challenges and opportunities. Interactive presentation with integrated discussions about strengthening volunteering, how to overcome the difficulties and use the possibilities. Group work – workshops of preparing a cultural offer example for the area.
Possibilities of using heritage uniqueness to provide cultural offers to the citizens. Discussions. Relating traditions and the present. Interchange of experience. Musical performances. Plačiau...»


2018 11 02
"It is such a great pleasure that the most significant dates of the statehood of the Baltic States: the Centenary for Reinstatement of the Independence of Lithuania and Announcement of the independence of Latvia and Estonia, were celebrated in a such meaningful way.

This project of Exploration of the Baltic Castles and Manors has demonstrated that castles and manors as the most historically important pillars of these states still remain of great importance in our days. Once our ancestors used to defend our castles and manors, yet in our days we are restoring and nourishing them, thus guaranteeing distinctiveness of our countries." - said Gintaras Karosas when addresing attendees the of the Clossing event in Vecgulbene manor, in Latvia. Plačiau...»


2018 09 18
Dedicated to the Centenaries of Lithuania Independence restoration and Latvia and Estonia Independence declaration and European Year of Cultural Heritage, on 16th of September the traveller`s campaign “Visit Baltic castles and manors – Celebrate together!” successfully finishes.

Currently, all travellers are invited to send completed Traveller cards to the grand lottery by 30 September 2018. E-mail address: or mail: Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association, address: p.d. 8, Riešės paštas, 14262 Vilniaus r., Lithuania. We are waiting for travellers' cards from travellers who have collected at least 5 stickers in their home country and at least 10 neighbouring countries. Plačiau...»


2018 05 18
Dedicated to the Centenaries of Lithuania Independence restoration and Latvia and Estonia Independence declaration and European Year of Cultural Heritage
Summer 2018

131 historic manor houses and castles in three Baltic countries will open their doors to the visitors in summer 2018. The manor associations of three countries have joined their forces to organize a cross-border event to visualize the density of manor network and the range of it's services in these countries; to highlight the significance of the manors as drivers of cultural, economic and regional development in the past as well as today. Visitors are expected from May 24th till Sept 16th. Plačiau...»

Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors

2017 07 18
The Manor – the good example of cultural promoter and farm practice. The first Manors in Lithuania were established already on the 2nd half of the 13th century AD. The Manor was like state’s administration, political and cultural centre. There were around 2000 of them for the centuries. We could be proud that nowadays the Manors are still one of the main cultural holders.

Since 2005 The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors was established. There are many different events being hold in the Association’s Castles and Manors, like: creative evenings, musical dinners and festivals, exhibitions, spectacles and etc. Also Manors still keep old traditions: saving culinary heritage and old farming traditions and other economic activities. All this movements remind society the importance of the Manors in cultural life.

We are glad that The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors is growing every year and new members are joining us with new ideas and energy how to protect the beautiful cultural heritage we own.

Castles and manors:

Take care of restoring farms and farming heritage in the mannors;
Foster national and cultural heritage;
Encourage the development of traditional crafts;
Strengthen rural communities;
Help to restore and preserve the ancient Lithuanian breeds of livestock and poultry gene pool. Plačiau...»
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We rebuild and bring back old cultural traditions of Lithuanian manors and castles