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Member manors

Antašava Manor

Liepynės g. 6 Kupiškio raj, Kupiškio sav. Antašava

Manager – Virginija Drutienė

Dvaro adresas: Liepynės g. 6 Kupiškio raj, Kupiškio sav. Antašava, LT-40423

Antašava Manor is located in Antašava, Kupiškis district. The very first buildings of the Manor were wooden, but the new ones were designed by Mykolas Angelas Šulcas in 1809-1810 by the order of the manor owner Hiacintas Antašauskas. Buildings were built in 1812-1816 ( all construction was managed during 1811-1820).

The whole Manor complex - is a protected monument of the country, the park – monument of the nature. During Soviet times a school was opened in the Manor.

The whole Manor complex consists of the manor house, barn made of rocks, park and rectory, bathhouse, storage building for apples. In the second half of XIX century a new two-storied addition was built into the manor house, but it damaged the whole manor ensemble.

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