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Member manors

Buivydiškės Manor

Buivydiškės, Zujūnų sen., Vilniaus r.

Manager – Buivydiškės primary school

Dvaro adresas: Buivydiškės, Zujūnų sen., Vilniaus r., LT-14165

The history of the manor house of Buivydiškės or Budziviškės has started in the 12th century; it firstly was mentioned in the Chronicles of the Teutonic Knights. The Buivydiškės Manor was built on an artificially-packed hill on a small island surrounded by ponds, which were formed by blocking the Sudervelė River. It is believed this house of manor is one of the oldest manors in Vilnius neighbourhood.

The manor is famous for its inhabitants – the Šventaragis family (the manor house of Šventaragis is mentioned in 1493; according to historians, Buivydiškės could have been called Šventaragis Sudervė), the Radvilos family (after the death of Vaitkus Šventaragis, Mikalojus Radvila acquired the manor house in the second half of the 15th century and in the first half of the 16th century), for whom the manor belonged until 1790. Since the 15th century the manor house of Buivydiškės was a villa of the Radvilai family. After that, the manor house was mortgaged for a builder, Jonas Skardžinskis, who was from voivodeship of Trakai.

In the beginning of the 19th century Antanas Lapa, the noble marshal, owned this manor house and in 1865 he sold it to Vasilijus Tyzenhauzas. About 1901, a road engineer, general lieutenant, Dmitrijus Buturlinas bought it in the auction. His daughter Liudmila ruled the manor of Buivydiškės until 1940. It is believed that the manor was reconstructed. Since 1953, the Buivydiškės Soviet Farm was located in the manor, and since 1961, it belonged to Buivydiškės Agricultural Technicum (now Vilnius College, Faculty of Agrotechnologies). Since 1996 The Buivydiškės Basic School has been established.

The Manor House of Buivydiškės consists of a palace, two servants` houses, an ice house and two houses.

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