Member manors

Member manors

Paežeriai Manor

Manager – Vilkaviškis District Suvalkija (Sūduva) Cultural centre-museum

Dvaro adresas: Dvaro g.6 Paežerių km. Šeimenų sen. Vilkaviškio raj., LT-70372

Paežeriai Manor is located in Paežeriai village, Vilkaviškis district, behind Kastinės river, at Paežeriai lake south shore. Paežeriai Manor complex is one of  the most expressive Manors in Lithuania that depict the evolving period from baroque to classicism. 

Situated on a picturesque lakefront, the ornate and stylish Paežeriai Manor is sometimes called 'Little Paris'. Some people are enthralled by the majestic manor house with its elegant columms, while others love going inside and being taken back to the XVIII century Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 

The early Neoclassical manor house was built in 1795-1799 on the initiative of a GDL nobleman named Simonas Zabiela; it was designed in Louis XVI style by the prominent architect Marcin Knackfus.

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