Member manors

Member manors

Liubavas Manor

Manager – museum Public Institution Europos Parkas

Dvaro adresas: Vilniaus r. sav., Riešės sen. Liubavo kaimas, LT-15143

Situated near Vilnius, Liubavas is one of the oldest estates in Lithuania, one that sits at a picturesque location near the River Gerėja, presently known as Žalesa. The ponds of Liubavas were thoroughly described in the treasury book of the Lithuanian ruler Sigismund Augustus back in 1546. Liubavas has been governed by the prominent nobles of Lithuania. The famous Lithuanian sculptor RapolasSlizienis (1804–1881) was living and creating in Liubavas Manor. Liubavas manor in Lithuania is presented in the stonework mill of the manor – a new museum initiated by the sculptor Gintaras Karosas – is a winner of EUROPA NOSTRA award.

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