Member manors

Member manors

Gulbinėnai Manor

Manager – private

Dvaro adresas: Gulbinėnų k., Pasvalio raj., LT-39742

Manor is mentioned in XVII century. In 1920 a primary school was founded there. Later secondary, today Krinčinas school children daycare centre.

Manor ensemble consists of 7 building on a 20 ha land, 12 ha of this land is occupied by a park.

The manor and park are included in the Register of Cultural Property.
1925 – 1940 the manor belonged to the soldier of the Lithuanian Independence Fighters Kazys ladiga.
In 1993 building were returned to heirs of K. Ladiga.
Land in 2000.
1994 – 1995 repair works of palaces and offices roofs were carried out.

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