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Member manors

Biliūnai Manor

Manager – private

Dvaro adresas: Girkalnio sen., Raseiniu raj., LT-60310

The Manor was founded by Bilevičiai, their geneology reaches XIV century. In ancient times Biliūnai village belonged to Pašaltuonis Manor. After Bilevičiai took over the ruling, the lands were renamed after them. After they changed their name to Biliūnai, the lands once again were renamed after them.The first time in written records Bilevičiai Manor was mentioned in 1592 m. The Manor house was built in 1427 and it is unique building in Lithuania, because it is one of few baroque buildings that have survived.

The Manor house is one floor high. It is known that in 1702 Karl XII, the King of Sweden was residing in the Manor. In 1812 a marshal of Napoleon army Macdonald was visiting in here. Biliūnai park which surrounds the Manor was founded in XVIII century. To the South side there are gardens, to the North side - the river Šaltuona. The park is separated from garden by a linden alley.

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