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Bikuškis Manor

Managers - private

Dvaro adresas: Bikuškio k., Sudeikių sen., Utenos r., LT-28039

Bikuškis manor is an architectual monument located in Utena district near Alaušas lake. In written records the Manor is mentioned since the middle of  XIV century. During its history the manor belonged to Radvilas, Oginskiai, Prošinskiai, Drozdovskiai. 

The formerly prosperous manor (seven surrounding villages, distillery, a huge forge, 500 hectares of land belonged to the manor) was quite destroyed during the war. After the war, as in many Lithuanian manors, a collective farm office was established in Bikuškis, new residents moved in, residential houses were built.

In 1992, Bikuškis manor was returned to its inheritors. With the enthusiasm and efforts of the private owners Bikuškis manor was revived. Since 2023, the manor is being managed by M. and M. Januškevičiai.

The manor house of Classicism style, a wooden barn of the 19th century, the blacksmiths and the ruins of a former distillery and a park have been preserved.



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