Member manors

Member manors

Belvederis Manor

Manager - Public Insttitution „Belvederio dvaras“

Dvaro adresas: Belvederio k., Seredžiaus sen., Jurbarko r., LT-74048

Belvederis Manor is located on a high shore of river Nemunas in Jurbarkas district, Seredžius eldership. The Manor is monument of architectual and urban value.

A member of dukes Burbos ( emerge in XVIII-XIX centuries ) the marshal of dukes of the governorate of Kaunas, Kletas Burba built a beautiful residence of a italian style (palazzo style). Later more buildings were built. Around 1880-1881 the Manor house was rebuild. The building  has a harmonious simplicity, and a composed facade line perfectly adorns Nemunas cliff.

Belvederis Manor complex is supplemented by a scenic park, which surrounds the Manor and merges with a natural forest. There is a small pond in the park's territory, going from Manor house by slope there is a gorgeous staircase leading to the road to Kaunas - Jurbarkas and Nemunas which has 365 steps.

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