Member manors

Member manors

Baisogala Manor

Manager - The Institute of Animal Science of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Dvaro adresas: R. Žebenkos g. 12, Baisogala, Radviliškio r., LT-82317

Baisogala Manor is a former residential manor in Baisogala town, Radviliškis district. It is famous for exceptional style and the park. Baisogala is known from XVI century, in written records of that time it is mentioned as a royal manor. During Soviet Union occupation years it was used as an administrative building of Institute of Animal. The manor was reconstructed in 2008. Researches disagree when the curent manor house was built, but it is accepted that the beginning of construction should be around the second half of XVIII century. 

The whole Manor complex consists of 17 buildings. 

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