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Member manors

Babtynas-Žemaitkiemis Manor

Manager – Mindaugas Šventoraitis

Dvaro adresas: Žemaitkiemio k., Babtų sen., Kauno r., LT-54050

Babtynas Žemaitkiemis manor is located on the right bank of Nevėžis, around 2 km southwest from Babtai. The manor next to Babtynas village was established in the 16th century by the Šiukšta family. Later the manor belonged to Andrius Vilimavičius and Jokūbas Sauginavičius.

From 1697, the manor was governed by the Prozor family for a century; Babtynas became a representative manor. It was majestic palace, with a two-storied pediment, balconies on the first floor, 28 rooms and a defence tour. At that time, a small treasury house was built. In 1797, Babtynas was sold to Burkhard von Korff. Shortly after that the manor was purchased by the dukes Giedraičiai ant it belonged to them until 1830.

Until World War I, the manor was managed by the dukes Benediktas and Vanda Tiškevič. After the war, Babtynas was turned into the office of the collective farm and a block of flats.

Currently the manor is trying to revive its musical traditions: various concerts take place here; since 2003, the manor has been serving as a venue for the concerts of Pažaislis Music Festival, open-air workshops and artist meetings. The buildings of the manor and its surroundings, which have become a creative residence for artists and a centre of cultural tourist attraction, are now being restored according to the remaining iconographic material.


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