Member manors

Member manors

Alanta Manor

Manager – Public Institution "Alanta school of  technology and business“

Dvaro adresas: Naujasodžio k., Molėtų r., LT-33037

In 1853 the landlords Pac- Pomarneckiai built in Alanta exquisite neoromanic Italian villa style manor with tower, stables and other farm buildings.

Alanta manor was famous for its rich interior. In the photos that remained one can see the ceiling of decorative plaster, ornamented floor parquet and expensive dinner furniture.

The manor was surrounded by a picturesque park and green lawn. The part of the park, which is behind the manor, was formed geometrically: there were cut hedges, sphere form trees and shrubs, vases and sculptures stood on the lawn.

Now the manor of Alanta estate is the value of cultural heritage, protected by the government. The Public Institution Alanta school of technology and bussiness has applied and uses the manor for its educational and cultural needs. Since 2015 the artist's Vadotas Žukas art gallery is established here.


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