Member manors

Member manors

Arvydai Manor

Manager – Nerijus Zakšauskas

Dvaro adresas: Pakalnės g. 26, Vilnius, LT-15201

 The first owner of the Manor was Ulrich Hosius (1524–1535) – Vilnius castellan and the supervisor of the royal constructions by Sigismund I the Old. He was managing the constructions of the first water supply in Vilnius, mills of the Grand Duchy and the first brigde across river Neris in Vilnius city.

Todays appearance the Manor inherited from the second guild of Vilnius merchant Samuel Goldšteinas. During his managment the manor blossomed. After his death the manor had many more owners.

During Soviet times the Manor became Bezdoniai collective farm a dormitory with a movie theathre. During 70s the manor was abandoned, but in the XXI the manor found new owner and opened new grand page in its life.

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