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Trakai Peninsula Castle

Manager – Trakai History Museum

Dvaro adresas: Kęstučio g. 4, Trakai, LT-21104

On the peninsula surrounded by the lakes Galvė and Bernardinai stands Trakai Peninsula Castle with its distinct red roof. This is one of the few enclosure castles of the GDL. The castle ruins are reminiscent of the Middle Ages. In June, the Trakai Medieval Festival recreates the atmosphere of the Middle Ages with traditional crafts and knight fighting. 

The castle was built in the second half of the XIV century by Grand Duke Kęstutis, who ruled the GDL together with his brother Algirdas, and was in charge of the Duchy of Trakai. Devastated by fire and the Teutonic Knights, the castle was rebuilt several times. In the XVI century it was converted into a prison, and turned into a Dominican monastery in the late XVIII century. Today you can see the remains of the defensive wall and a few of the original 11 defensive towers.

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