Member manors

Member manors

Vasaknos Manor

Owners – Rasa ir Alfonsas Kievišai

Dvaro adresas: Vasaknų k., Dusetų sen., Zarasų r.sav., LT-32311

Boasting a breathtaking scenery, Vasaknos Manor is a perfect destination for romantic getaways. Once built and owned by the most influential noble families of Lithuania – Radvilos (Radziwill), Pliateriai (Plater), Tiskeviciai (Tyszkiewicz) – today Vasaknos Manor is a popular wedding and event destination among those looking for authenticity, quality, and beautiful landscape. Unique architecture combines the antique stone and brick walls with oak constructions, glass, and granite in a beautiful connection between the past and the present.

Vasaknos Manor ensemble includes a reconstructed Manor and a brewery, which had already existed in the 18th c., a lakeside sauna, a park with ponds and paths, preserved substructures of stabling and the original palace.

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