Member manors

Member manors

Tuskulėnai Manor

Manager – The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania

Dvaro adresas: Žirmūnų g.1F, Vilnius, LT-09239

The Manor ensemble assembled on the shores of the capital's Neris River is veiled by an aura of sadness. The grounds of Tuskulėnai Manor are a reminder of the events of 1944-1947, when 767 people who were killed in the basement of the NKGB (MGB) prison were secretly burried. The history of the Manor was first mentioned in the XVI century, when it was founded by Sigismund II Augustus, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland. It was one of the cultural centres of Vilnius right up until the XIX century, but during Soviet occupation, the manor became a place where crimes of the repressive structures were concealed. Today the grounds feature a reflection space to commemorate the victims of the Soviet totalitarian regime, with a chapel/ columbarium in the shape of a burial mound built undeground. 


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