Member manors

Member manors

Trakų Vokė Manor

Manager – Public Institution "Trakų Vokės dvaro sodyba“

Dvaro adresas: Žalioji a. 2A, Trakų Vokė, Vilnius, LT-02232

For the first time the name Vokė was mentioned in 1375, when the big battle between Lithuanians and Teutonic ordin took place. Location Trakų Vokė named according to the flowing by river Vokė and the road leading to town Trakai.

In 1396 Vytautas the Great settled down here Tartars. In 1415 the Vokė village was passed on to the benedictine monastery. In the end of 18th century Vokė already belongs to Tiškevičiai.

In 1876 -1880 Jonas Vitoldas Emanuelis Tiškevičius built here the manor according the project of architect L. Markoni. Trakų Vokė manor was renovated in 1971–1978. There are remains or restored remaining examples of the valuable interiors.

Next to the manor is park (26.6 hectares), which was formed in 1890 by french landscape architect and botanist E. F. Andre.

There are still remained the stables in neo-baroque style, the southern gates – one of the most valuable example of the neo-gothic style in Lithuania. Also remained and restored chappel, built in 1870, where, in the cellar, Tiškevičiai family members were entombed.
In 1945 Trakų Vokė manor was the villa of the Council of Ministers.

In 1952 there were working Institute of Agriculture and soil of the Lithuanian Academy of Science.

In 2002 manor was used by the Royal Union of the Nobility of Lithuania.

From 2014 manor has been managed by Public Institution „Trakų Vokės dvaro sodyba“.
Since then started the revival of the manor. Now it is open for society all year round with concerts, performances, exhibitions, guided tours, cultural and private events.
There were such films filmed as "War and Peace", "Ana Karenina", "Pop against Hitler", serial "Price of Freedom. Volunteers" and other.


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