Member manors

Member manors

Saldutiškis Manor

Owner – Arūnas Svitojus

Dvaro adresas: Saldutiškis, Utenos r., LT-28018

Saldutiškis manor is located in Saldutiškis village. It was first mentioned at the end of the 18th century. The settlement began to develop at the end of the 18th century when the railway Panevėžys–Švenčionėliai was built. Also known as Stulgiškės or Šilgudiškis manor, it was already prominent in the period of the Commonwealth. It was managed by the Jalovecki family. Antanas Jaloveckis (1772–1852), buried in the cemetery of Trinkūnai village, has been mentioned as the founder of the manor. It is associated with some enlightened people. An engineer Boleslovas Jaloveckis supported the Lithuanian national movement for freedom; he was the head of the company which built the narrow-gauge railway. In Saldutiškis there was a rather large station with a water tower built. At that time, a road was formed between the station and the manor and some poplar trees were planted. The old classicism style palace was rebuilt many times, and the functions of other buildings changed. Boleslovas Jaloveckis died in Saint Petersburg in 1917. The manor lost its true owner. After his death, it served as the centre of the district, later as the centre of the volost, as a school and other establishments. In 1938, the manor became the home of the Salesian monks. In 1940, the monastery was closed. During the war, it operated as a hospital. After the war, it became the headquarters of the interior ministry of the Soviet Union. Later a school was built here, which deformed the manor ensemble. Several old buildings were demolished during its construction.


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