Member manors

Member manors

Pavirvytė Manor

Manager – Antanas Naujokas

Dvaro adresas: Pavirvytės k., Mažeikių r., LT-89483

Pavirvytės Manor is in Pavirvytė village, Mažeikiai district, on the right side of Virvytės river shore.

It is mentioned in 1840, when duke Juozapas Paulavičius bought the manor from Ilinčius.

One of the well known owners of this manor is Edvardas Paulavičius, who worked as a director of a gymnasium in Kalisz city (Poland). In a appreciation for his sincere work, the founders of the gymnasium as a goodby gift gave him the rich gymnasium library, which the teacher has brouht with him to Pavirvyte and here around 1880 opened first public library.

In 1992 the manor was icluded into protected objects register of the Republic of Lithuania.

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