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2018 05 18


Dedicated to the Centenaries of Lithuania Independence restoration and Latvia and Estonia Independence declaration and European Year of Cultural Heritage
Summer 2018

131 historic manor houses and castles in three Baltic countries will open their doors to the visitors in summer 2018. The manor associations of three countries have joined their forces to organize a cross-border event to visualize the density of manor network and the range of it's services in these countries; to highlight the significance of the manors as drivers of cultural, economic and regional development in the past as well as today. Visitors are expected from May 24th till Sept 16th.
The campaign is organized by Estonian Manor Association, Estonian Manor School Association, Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors and Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors.

While celebrating the centenaries of the restoration of independence of Lithuania, the declaration of Latvian and Estonian states, the associations of manors and castles of three countries unite to demonstrate the symbolic continuation of the Baltic chain.

The past as well as the present day of Baltic countries is rich for its challenging contradictions both for their legacy as well as intercultural dialogue. One of these intriguing themes is the fate of the manors through the 20th century. The former carriers of political power, architectural and cultural glory; birthplaces of well-known world explorers, artists, writers, scientists, etc. have witnessed new functions, but even more the abandonment and decay during 20th century. The renaissance of the legacy of the manors started very slowly in the 1980s; the first studies and conservation works paved the way to the reuniting with the European cultural area in 1991.

Since then the states, municipalities, heritage authorities, but most of all hundreds of private owners have dedicated their time, resources and energy to preserve and revitalize the former glory of the manors. The contemporary challenge is to restore the position of the manors as the drivers of rural economic and cultural development in the urbanizing societies - as exciting museums, as boutique hotels, as modern educational and cultural centres, as well as local kitchen populizers.

The contemporary manor owners formed national associations in early 2000s to create a platform to exchange knowledge and support each other. For the first time the associations of three Baltic countries have joined forces to create a common traveller's campaign to visualize the density of manor network, to explore the similarities and differences, to witness personally the effort of the people who work hard to preserve our common heritage.

The symbol of the travel campaign is a key – a reference to the manor or castle opening doors to the new discoveries in cultural heritage. Visitors will collect the symbolic keys as a memory of experience and feelings .

Visitors are expected from May 24th till September 16th. Closing event in Latvia have been planned on October 28th

The travel campaign is dedicated to the centenaries of the restoration of the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, European Year of Cultural Heritage as well as to so many individuals and institutions who work with strong mission to safeguard this unique heritage.

For exciting news and events in Baltic manors, please follow:

For additional information, please take contact with national representative:
Estonia, Riin Alatalu,,
Latvia, Ilona Kalniņa,
Lithuania, Vilma Deckute Zukauskiene,


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