About us

The Manor – the good example of farm practice and cultural promoter . The first Manors in Lithuania were established already on the 2nd half of the 13th century AD. The Manor was like state’s administration, political and cultural centre. There were around 2000 of them for the centuries. We could be proud that nowadays the Manors are still one of the main cultural holders.

Since 2005 The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors was established. There are many different events being hold in the Association’s Manors, like: exteriors, creative evenings, musical dinners and festivals, exhibitions, spectacles, professional art galleries, and etc. Also Manors still keep old traditions: saving culinary heritage and old farming traditions and other economic activities. All this movements remind society the importance of the Manors in cultural life.

We are glad that The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors is growing every year and new members are joining us with new ideas and energy how to protect the beautiful cultural heritage we own. 

Castles and manor farmsteads evolving rural communities

It takes care also of restoring farms and farming heritage in the mannors;

Fostering national and cultural heritage;

Encouraging the development of traditional crafts;

Strengthening rural communities;

Helping to restore and preserve the ancient Lithuanian breeds of livestock and poultry gene pool.

We rebuild and bring back old cultural traditions of Lithuanian manors and castles